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Seven Ways Social Media Can Grow Your Business

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  • 1. Business Development & Revenue Generation

  • 2. Customer Service & Customer Insight

  • 3. Brand Communication & Brand Awareness

  • 4. Market Research

  • 5. Competitive Research

  • 6. HR / Candidate Search & Research

  • 7. Internal Corporate Collaboration & Innovation

Leverage Social Computing to Drive Corporate Collaboration & Innovation (Enterprise 2.0)

Pioneering businesses, both large and small, can leverage Social Media, or Social Computing, to improve communication, drive collaboration, enhance knowledge sharing and streamline connection to colleagues with necessary knowledge, generate near instant feedback, and tap into the power of the masses of their employees. 

This approach, coined as Enterprise 2.0, leverages many of the technologies and  paradigms at the foundation of public social media and social networking to accomplish these goals.

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